How to add custom plugins?


OK, stupid question of the day. I’m a windows guy, trying to become a little more knowledgable about linux.

I have a custom plugin (one that monitors a blackberry server) call check_blackberry. I want to add it, but documentation is THIN.

How does one go about adding a plugin and getting it to work?

I’ve tried putting it into the libexec folder and running:
make install

This updates the default plugins to todays date, but the custom plugin is untouched.

Is it as simple as CHMODing the file to 755?

Please keep it simple, I am we todd did.



It is as simple as chmodding it to 755 :). a nagios “plugin” is just a regular ol’ script that outputs a message, and does an exit 0 (OK), exit 1 (Warn) , exit 2 (CRITICAL).

throw it in the directory you see all the other check_ files in. After that, you’ll have to make a checkcommand definition for it (have a look at checkcommands.cfg) and then make a service definition pointed to that check command. Then the nagios process is literally just going to run that file.

Good luck, and keep learning, you won’t regret it! The power of control you get over Linux absolutely destroys windows in anything server/networking related (aside from active directory-related things imo), opens up a lot of possibilities for your company.


Thank you. I was thinking as much. The word compile strikes terror into us Windows boys.

I’m getting better, but need to setup a linux desktop and USE IT. If only there was a TRUE Outlook Clone for Exchange, then I’d be in business. Maybe someday.

Thanks Again!