How to check if you compiled Nagios with MYSQL


I’m not sure if I compiled Nagios with MYSQL support or not and need to find out if I did before I install a plug-in. Is there a way to determine if I did?

Also, if it turns out that I didn’t what must I do to enable MYSQL support? My Nagios install is configured and already monitoring several servers so I don’t want to lose all that work I put into it (this was my first time installing it). Will I need to uninstall Nagios and re-compile it with MYSQL support if I failed to do so the first time? If I end up having to go that route, what steps must I take to ensure the new install will work properly as before? And will I need to change anything in Apache etc?

(this is on a Slackware 12.1 box by the way)

Thanks everyone


Unless you install ndoutils there is no use even if you compiled naigos with mysql. If you install ndoutils then every thing will be ok. There will be no option for nagios to compile separatly with mysql