How to configure nagios after having installed nagios and pl


I have nagios and plugin installed on my linux, I know the next step is configuring the nagios,but I don’t know which concrete files are needed for configuring and how to configure them. I have ever got the configuration instructions,but these are not consistent with my files on linux,so I need help!
Thank you!


  1. your installation path for nagios?
    e.g. /usr/local/nagios

  2. in your installation path is there a etc folder?
    e.g. /usr/local/nagios/etc

  3. inside etc folder, is there any files named *-sample?
    e.g. /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg-sample?

those whole bunch of sample files you can rename them to *.cfg and you can modify those files to make them work, those are configuration files.
go through Configuring Nagios part, you will get some idea.


thanks for you answer,please give me some helps if I need your helps ,ok^_^



Give you help? What is your question? He just explained that you can rename and modify all the sample.cfg files, and aside from that, what’s wrong?


only four folders(bin sbin share var) except etc exsist in the usr/local/nagios. all the *.cfg are in the sample-config directory(usr/local/myfolder/nagios-2.0b3/sample-config) , not in etc directory. as follows:

[root@localhost sample-config]# dir
cgi.cfg httpd.conf nagios.cfg README resource.cfg template-object

there are not any files named *-sample
what shall I do ?



I have found etc in the nagios using the command of make install -config



you should have done " make install-config" that will put the “/etc” folder in there with the sample scripts.

From there I would edit the minimal.cfg file to get you going.
Ther are other files that need editing but you should read the doc’s “They do help”

Oh and you SHOULD run ./usr/local/nagios/bin/./nagios -v /user/local/nagios/minimal.cfg when you have configured stuff.

That will help you a lot!!