How to enable Notifications


Hi all,

I managed to install the nagios Version 3.0.3 in fedora8. I never installed or tested it before. I have also installed Plugins and Add-ons but how to use them i don’t know :frowning: Service Status Details for linux server is ok. But the notifications for the ssh and http are disabled. How can i enable them?

I am able to install NSClient++ in windows workstation. But i like to install the same in all windows machines. Is there any method so that i can publish to all clients as like symantec client installations.
I am getting the following messge in the clients log file. Failed to initalize encryption header!
What it means? is there any configuration at client place missing?
NSClient++ is not running automatically as i already modified inf file for running it in systemtray. Is there any other settings to be done…

Oh… I am gettings lots of doubts… So help me please with patience…
Thanks in Advance for great help !lol


Welcome to nagios. you need to do this to get your nagios to enable notifications.
Yow will find the following lines in our nagios.cfg cile


This determines whether or not Nagios will sent out any host or

service notifications when it is initially (re)started.

Values: 1 = enable notifications, 0 = disable notifications


If you give 1 there it automatically enables notifi cations.