How to fix a bad install of Nagios


So here’s my issue, I just recently learned of nagios when I started my job just a few weeks ago. The person who began our nagios project did not complete it and tossed it onto me to fix it.

The reason he did not complete it is because he did not install it correctly, he didn’t RTFM. I’m reading through it and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea on how to install/run/whatever else I need to do. The only catch is I need to clean up his mess of a bad install. The system is running Red Hat 8.0. I have a print out of some of the commands he did in his attempt to install Nagios.

My real question in this post is just, what would be the best method for cleaning his mess so I can start the install fresh? Should I just manually take out all folders he created relating to Nagios? or would it be safe to reinstall right over his mis-install?

Thanks in advance.

–Tony Rad


make a ackup of the /nagios/etc directory (just to have the hostnames and the services)
check if the paths are standard and if yes reinstall.
Should you have the old configure options even better so you can check for non standard paths, db usage and so on. :slight_smile:
While at it check you have png, gd and snmp packages installed
before cofniguring/compiling nagios so you don’t have to redo it later if you want to use statusmap check_snmp and so on :slight_smile:



He may have also used and rpm install. In that case use a rpm tool and find out where it installed all the files. They may be littered all over the place, if that is the case.