How to migrate all guests from the old HD to a new HD

Hi all,

Host - Ubuntu 16.04 Gnome desktop on 250G SSD
Guest - about 30 guests on a 1TB WD HD
KVM also installed on the 250G SSD

The 1TB WD HD is nearly full. I’m prepared purchasing a 2TB WD HD.

Please advise what will be the easy way to migrate all guests to the new 2TB WD HD from the old 1TB WD HD. Thanks in advance.


Hi Satimis,

Are you able to connect both the old and the new HD to your machine at the same time? If yes, then it should be as simple as stopping all guests, copying the contents of the old drive to the new drive, adjust the drive mappings for the guests, and start them again.

Hi Evert,

Thanks for your advice.

Yes, it is possible connecting both old and new HDs to the PC. All guests are in the folder named “KVM_Guests”. Also I can copy the folder including all guests from the old HD to the new HD. But KVM on the SSD won’t find the folder and the guests because the path will be different. Shall I recreate all guests on KVM manager?