How to monitor hosts...........?


Hi…all nagios Gurus…
I have compiled and installed Nagios…its openeing in Web…
and now how do i monitor the hosts…
i have about 20 cisco switches and i wana monitor them…snmp or icmp what is better with nagios kindly suggest and how to procedd for this…
Thanks in advance…


I suggest following the documentation link in the top left part of your nagios webpage. :wink:



Our nagios here monitors mostly switches and ports on these switches. We check_snmp for about 90% of our checks, since it’s faster than chech_ifoperstatus.


Thanks LUca million dollor suggestion…i never saw that…how should i thank you…i dont have words for that…


I’m not having fun answering some of the questions here (and neither is Jakkedup i think) we are not paid for it, so at least it seems sensible to read the docs and understand WHAT and HOW nagios does it before asking for help.

If you don’t know how to monitor a host the only answer is RTFM!

As for ICMP or SNMP you already got an asnwer…

Have fun with your own sarcasm or, if you prefer, pay somebody for doing the nagios setup job.



Hi luca i worte so because, i dont know y you thought i didnot read the docs…i read in the forum that ppl were facing problem using v1.2 monitoring hosts,

The problem was that if the host was discovered up for the first time by nagios v1.2 it was not polled next time for status…my moto to put the query on forum was to get some nice views about the problem…which could help me in fixing the problem
I hope you will take this into positive manner when you enter forums…no offenses


The host is only checked as a last resource, if the host’s services are up the host doesn’t get polled.

You asked how to monitor a host… not why your host doesn’t get polled…

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

If you make search a bit you’ll find a couple of threads where how the host polling works has been discussed.



Thanks Luca…
i appreciate for your help…
am sorry if i was somewhat rude in the earlier post…

Keep up the spirits…for the mankind…


You got to be kidding. You originally post “I have 20 switches, how do I monitor them?” question" and then bash someone for there suggestion.

Your question should have read, "why does nagios v1.2 only check services, and the host remains in the state (Host assumed to be up). Now that I understand as a valid question, but gees, how do i monitor a host? I would have said RTFM also, but luca beat me to it.

We are all triing to be helpful here, but it’s only going to take a few more people to push our buttons, and I will be gone for sure, and luca will probably beat me out the door.

I’d suggest you people adopt an attitude that it isn’t easy being a mind reader, so spell out the problem, and don’t make us “read between the lines”, and surely don’t bash us, when we “read between the lines” incorrectly.