How to restart service on remote Windows server manually


Hi all,
I have a question if it’s possible to restart a service running on remote Windows host manually. I’m monitoring the service using Nagios, I configured the event handler and it’s working too (when the service goes down it will try to restart the service). Now our helpdesk wants to have a possibility to restart the service manually (for example when the service is running but the output of the service is not correct). I found a solution but this solution is not too much user-friendly: Open the service in Nagios, click “Submit passive check result for this service”, change “Check result” to WARNING and commit this. The status of the service changes to WARNING and it will trigger an event handler on the next check and the service will restart.

As I wrote - for our monitoring end-users it looks like not too much user-friendly solution. Does anybody know if is there a plugin or some modification to add a link to Service Commands windows to restart the service at one click? My idea is that user will click on the link and it will run the action. I know - it could be a potential security hole, but I’m not solving this potential security risk at the moment.

Any hints? :slight_smile: