How to unsubscribe from SMS Notifications HELP!


Hi all
I am a completely new member here so hopefully I am using the correct section.

I dont actually use Nagio but somewhere along the line my mobile number has gone into someone’s nagios user group and I am getting up to 50 texts a day.
The sending number is allways the same and I have tried just about every possible command I can think of to get it to unsubscribe me.

Looking through some of the documentation, it seems that there can be any one of a variety of nagios add-on clients sending the notifications but I am hoping there is a generic command I can reply to the texts with to unsubscribe.

I have no idea what company it is that is using nagios in this instance so have no means of asking them to remove me from the notification group.

Desperate here!!! Someone please help!




The way it’s most likely set up, I doubt that the nagios installation has any method from which you can unsubscribe via reply to text. If they are using a locally attached sim, I doubt that they even check their inbound texts :frowning: I only do it like once every three months, if that (oh, I’ve just checked and it isn’t us BTW)…

You could try raising this with your mobile phone company and see if they can filter or bar texts from the sending number, or maybe contact a legisaltive body like Ofcom in the UK and see if they can help you trace the originator, but whether or not they can help I couldn’t speculate. You might find that information can only be released to the police, in which case you would have to report it to them, and sadly I can imagine that it is not the sort of thing that they would dedicate any serious amount of time to, if any at all. I suspect you will end up changing your number TBH :frowning:

I take it there is nothing much in these texts that might lead to the originator via some other route, like a monitored IP address in the public domain maybe? Or some clue in their naming convention?


Thank Strides
I guess I could just try a Message asking to be unsubscribed in the hope that eventually someone will spot it.
Other than that, there doesnt appear to be any clues as you describe.
Here is an example of the texts, exactly to the letter.

RI Nagios: on Thu Jan 8 12:25:25 GMT 2009
on host zapp.cp.ri, Status of CPU_Load is WARNING


Yeah, not a lot to go on… They are most likely UK based given the language and timestamp, but RI could be any one of a number of things… like Royal Institution, Rentokil Initial etc.

Only other hope is that if they have typo’d a mobile number that they will soon enough screw up their nagios configuration files badly enough to have to visit this forum and, with any luck, read your post.

I can only hope for a timely resolution to your problem.