HOW TO upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3?


I want to upgrade from Nagios 1.2 to 1.3.
I have it runnign on a Debian machine but I did not use a Debian package to intstall Nagios. Did it from source.
Anyone has any tips?
I am not sure how to start this.
Do I just get 1.3 and recompile it over the 1.2 install?
I have no experience in upgrading anything from source on Linux.

Any help appreciated.

make a copy of your cfg files. (just to be sure) stop nagios.
get the source for the new version. recompile with the same configure options. configure, make, make-install and whatever you need. (avoid making the example configurations files)
start nagios and you should have the new version running.

At least this is how i did all my version updates :smiley:


EDIT: you can even have to differnt nagios versions running (been there, done that). BUT i takes bit of attention for the startup script in init.d it’s always called nagios so different installs would overwrite this file (make a bcakup of this one too).
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ah. now i have to remember which config options i used last time, which was like over a year ago hehe. oh boy :frowning:

in the source directory there are some configur.* files…
i don’t remeber in which one but one stores the last options used… so i you didn’t run configure you should find them.