How to verify virtio is being used?


Hello All,

Additional information, still seeking some pointers/guidance as to how
to determine virtio is being used…

I configured a VM to use block device with if=virtio (create a 1GB
disk using DD)
I exported this disk to the VM and am now doing scp from host to the
guest after creating partition/mkfs.

I created another 1GB disk and export it as a IDE disk. I use the same
scp command from host to guest after creating partition/mkfs.

I am trying to determine if my block IO is indeed using virtio in the
first case.

Empirically, I observe that with if=virtio, the throughput is about
30% more (in terms of mbps) and time taken is about 40% less than
for the case where I passed the disk as a IDE disk.

My scp happens over virbr0 interface (and currently I am not concerned
if networking is using virtio)

How do I confirm that virtio is being used? Are there any debugs that
I can enable to do that.

I am using ubuntu server (2.6.38-8) as host and ubuntu (2.6.24-29)
client as guest.

thx mu


I actually have the exact same question as you as I’ve looked everywhere and can’t really find any documentation stating such. Did you ever find your answer elsewhere as I can tell you didn’t have it answered here. I’d really appreciate anyone’s insight on this. Thanks!