Huawei .tmf to .pcap file converter

Dear All,

I have been working in a Huawei Device which captures trace in .tmf file. As you know Huawei is a kind of company which believes least in knowledge sharing and educating customers, they don’t share with us the converter tool by which they can convert this .tmf to .pcap; even their RND engineers have sent us report which shows clearly that they have converted our provided tmf to pcap.

We asked them several times but they always denied it. So I was curious, is it really impossible to convert these files ? I am not that much of a coding guy, so can’t start this work on my own. But I would really appreciate if someone could tell me how to convert these files. If anyone feel interested please let me know, I can help you by giving a dummy packet in tmf format.

Thanks in advance for the support :slight_smile:

Hello Dear,

Have you reached any result in this issue, as i’m facing the same problem,

Yamen Atef

Hi there,

I found your details online and thought you might be able to help me. I’m working on the next e-zine for, which is focused on Next Generation Network Management.

I wonder if you could help me with the piece. We want users to tell us about their experiences with Wireshark or any other next generation management system. The case study can be about EITHER cloud/virtualization networking management OR 40/100 Gigabit networking and management.

Your experience looked like a good fit so I hope you can help me. Let me know your thoughts.


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Hi all,

I can convert data content of SMS from .tmf into Plain-Text.