Info- Controlling the number of child processes

Dkimproxy uses an Apache-style “preforking” model to handle simultaneous incoming requests. In other words, it keeps a number of child processes around, ready to handle messages, at all time.

Some would like to customize this behavior. On servers without much load, they’d like to reduce the number of processes. On servers with a lot of load, they’d like to increase the number of processes. and Dkimproxy.out recognize several command-line arguments that control this behavior. However, they are documented at a different place-- the Net::Server::PreFork man page.

So run `man Net::Server::PreFork’, then look for the section titled Command Line Arguments. You’ll find, for instance, you can increase the number of servers by doing: --max_servers=100

Or to reduce the number of initial servers: --min_servers=1

Note- version 0.16 or better of dkimproxy is required for this to work.

I might need to retract the above. I thought it was working, but when I went to test it on the current version I got an error like:

Unknown option: min_servers

So hopefully I can get a fix for this soon.

wow, this is what I was really looking for… I’ll have to impatiently wait for a new release of dkim proxy…

I just posted version 0.16 of dkimproxy on my website, which should allow the --min_servers and --max_servers options to be recognized.