Install and Configure

New at this so please bear with me.
I downloaded and installed Nagios on FC3 (RPM Version). I do not see on the Nagios site with anything on RPMs. I tried the grep stuff and tar

tar xzf nagios-version.tar.gz
grep “^User” /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

./configure --prefix=prefix --with-cgiurl=cgiurl --with-htmurl=htmurl --with-nagios-user=someuser --with-nagios-group=somegroup --with-command-group=cmdgroup

So I can’t this thing going yes I am a Linux newbie

I got the web server working locally localhost/nagios just the main page nothing else.

Is there anywhere that a newbie can find info on Nagios with Fedora PLEAZE???

Thanks in advance to all
JP :cry:

I find RMP installs worthless. You are then locked with a nagios compiled the way that he/she wanted it compiled. Does it have mysql support, text based ext info, etc, etc,.
Remove the RPM package and compile it yourself from source. The installation instructions are complete and precise for a source install.