Install does not create etc directory

No matter how many times I install Version 2.0rc2, it never creates the /usr/local/nagios/etc directory.

On the very first page of the install doco it says “You should see five different subdirectories” but there is only four.

So there is no config files.

Can anyone please help a newbe…

Many Thanks

did you run “make install-config” ? not sure if etc is created if this isn’t done.


There’s something that needs to be run/configured so the sample .cfg files will be installed. Read the docs carefully and you should find what it is.

[quote=“luca”]did you run “make install-config” ? not sure if etc is created if this isn’t done.


Although Luca is correct, I’d like to point out that this command is not documented that I recall. But, in the docs it states to run the make install command. At the end of “make install” it states to run “make install-config” and a bunch of others to install samples, etc etc, etc… Please read your make install output for further details of all of the “make xxxx” commands.


Yeah I have run all the make commands, and it does make the etc dir full off sample cfg files. Its just that the instructions are lacking some what.

I see through the forums all the time people saying read the doco…but the doco has many holes.

Once the cfg files are created you can’t edit them because they were create by the root, as per the instructions…

I am having trouble getting through the first page of instructions let alone the whole document.

Am I supposed to change the rights of all these files to the nagios user?


possibly the docs have something missing but if you don’t read them well and if you are not sure what you are doing they won’t help you much…

the docs say to use this command to configure the installer files:
./configure --prefix=prefix --with-cgiurl=cgiurl --with-htmurl=htmurl --with-nagios-user=someuser --with-nagios-group=somegroup --with-command-group=cmdgroup

what did you use instead of: --with-nagios-user=someuser

The files SHOULD be created as the user you told configure to use.


PS: Does this mean the ETC directory isn’t missing anymore?

I’ve installed nagios several times, and each time I follow the docs. There are very few holes/problems in the entire doc. You have found the only one that I am aware of.

The docs do show the ./configure as luca pointed out. But really, all of those are not needed if you want the default install, which is most likely all you really need.
EX, --prefix will be /usr/loca/nagios by default
–with-nagios-user will be nagios and so on. I see no reason to change any of those.

The permissions on the files installed will be nagios.nagios. If they are not, then something went wrong or you specified that the nagios user should be root.

OK, I just noticed this. Yes, I agree, the 2.x docs are wrong and so is the code and install. So, for that reason I would never suggest to a nagios newbie to install anything other than 1.x versions.
So, are you new to nagios? If so, then I’d suggest you install 1.x and follow the 1.x docs. If you don’t, then you will have a few little things to address.