Installing nagios from RPM for fedora core 3, it works?

Hi All!

Ive just started to work with nagios, and have some problems to get it running.
It was installed from a RPM package for fedora core 3, the path to the .cfg files are a bit diferent from the documentation, is possible to get it running from this package ?

I’m getting this error message:

Host ‘server3’ has no default contact group(s) defined!

Someone can help me?


**Sorry my bad english ** :o

You can use the rpm just fine, but you have to “read between the lines” when you are reading the nagios2.0 documentation, since your directory structure will be different.
The error you are getting, tells you exactly what is wrong.
Define a contact group for the host server3.

Your hostgroups.cfg file contents?

define hostgroup{
hostgroup_name Bus-Switches
alias Bus Switches
contact_groups Bus-Switches
members Bus-tia2665,Bus_Tech_1,Bus_NHR_Stack

If you don’t have server3 in a group, then that is what is wrong.