Integrating authentication with Active Directory


Says it all really, was I would like to use my Active Directory to authenticate/authorize users withing Nagios.

I’ve had a bit of a google and not found anything obvious.

Has anyone done this already and can point out where I should start?

I’m using Nagios 2.0rc2 and Apache2 on Fedora.

Thanks four your help.


why would you want to do this? :expressionless:
anyway it’s not nagios but apache authentication you need to look for… i suppose it can be done.
But if everyone can see it i see no point in user authentication go by IP.
You would even have a problem as every authenticated user could stop checks or notifications.




Probably didn’t explain it very well, but I want a subset of my AD users (ie the IS Team) to be able to log into Nagios. We could be anywhere on the network (ie any office and any dhcp address).

So really I’m after authenticating via AD and limiting access to a specific AD user group.

Why ? Reduced user admin overheads of course…


Didn’t think of the subset of users… :stuck_out_tongue: but isn’t a single admin user enough?

Anyway googling for “apache2 Active directory authentication” gives in the first 5 links some very good looking results for LDAP auth.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:


PS: Let us know if it works


This is an Apache question. Basically, use one of the two or three “custom” authentication Apache modules out there (I don’t remember their names.)

I’ve been enjoying this link, but it is about setting up SSO for Redhat login. Configuring the kerberos for the Apache module will be similar: … ialsID=858