Invalid hostgroup object directive 'contact_groups'


What’s my problem here? :frowning:


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same problem here… :slight_smile:
seems like nagios2 doesn’t like contact_groups in the hostgroup directive while nagios 1.x used them. Not sure about it (still testing) but i think it’s not a problem because you have contact_groups in every host.



Thanks Luca

Finally got Nagios Version 2.0b2 working properly.
Now on to bigger and better things.

I was given this as a project at work. I was getting worried :cry:

I decided not to use the minimal.cfg file and stick to the split config setup.

Lots of troubleshooting done and dusted I hope :frowning:
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From the doc’s:
"Definition Format:

Note: Directives in red are required, while those in black are optional.

define hostgroup{
hostgroup_name hostgroup_name
alias alias
members members
The options noted are all red(required) and there are no black(optional) ones. So yea, another easy fix they could have done, but they didn’t. At least the docs are correct.