Invalid max_attempts, check_interval, retry_interval error


i have installed and configured nagios 2.5 in my rhel 4 machine.but once i compile nagios.cfg for errors i get a error mseg like this.

Error: Invalid max_attempts, check_interval, retry_interval, or notification_interval value for service ‘C:\ Drive Space’ on host 'dev-sudhesh’
Error: Could not register service (config file ‘/usr/local/nagios/etc/minimal.cfg’, starting on line 368)

i am also facing few problem

  1. i have configured sendmail so that i get mails in my exchange mail box but i dont get any alerts from nagios…


Have you defined those variable for which you get errors? Post a conf file of service for which you get those errors.

  1. post the command you’re using for doing that, check spam filter