Inventory all my computers


I have a monitoring with NAGIOS. Now, it’s all right but i have a question.
Is it possible to Inventory my computers?
I would like to know the Operation System, ** total memory**, installed programs

is it possible?


There are tool available to do those stuff. here is the link … index.html

Another one I heard is very good one spikeworks . works great and free



but, with nagios not’s possible with any plugin?


in my lan, i have more linux that windows and this programs don’t run with linux.


I have very few linux box so this became handy for us.



and nagios can’t make this?


Im sure it can be done, as Nagios is pretty customizable. It just takes work on your end to get it setup.

By saying this, the answer is no, Nagios currently does not do this nor is it even in the scope of what Nagios is. It might be a good suggestion, but Nagios is more of monitoring and alert than inventory.