Is it possible to draw a Graph using Nagios and the data col


Hello all,
m a newbie to Nagios. just started exploring the features in Nagios and
m trying to use it for the systems running in my team.
even tried collecting the general system details like CPU usage and memory usage from various systems, and m able to collect the data in a flat file (the log file) and view in a table format using the web-client.
Now, want to know, whether it is possible to draw a graph using these flat file data? like drawing 2-D graph to indicate the performance or the observation over a period of time.
or Is there any extra plug-in modules which wud support this feature?

thank u in advance for any info’ u intend to give.
–good day!



Have a look at - I believe there are a few charting options in the Addons section, although I can’t say I’ve tried any of them out personally.




strides, thanks mate!
yeah…tried with ‘nagiostat’ and after much reference(some even dated 2004) with the forums…finally cud make a graph out of the nagios data…
now got to fine tune for the features…


Look at

Ive using that now for a short time and its exactly what i wanted, it draws cpu, disk, memory and every counter in windows i want :smiley: (for example pages per second)


Yeah I use pnp too its nice. Not too hard to setup either.