It appears as though you do not have permission to view info


OK… So a newby decided to jump in at the deepend and install Nagios. :shock:
After Days of trauling through the documentation I eventually got everyting working fine !!

The only problem now is I get the following error message on the nagios web interface:

“It appears as though you do not have permission to view information for any of the services you requested…
If you believe this is an error, check the HTTP server authentication requirements for accessing this CGI
and check the authorization options in your CGI configuration file.”

This happens even when I log in as ‘nagiosadmin’. Can’t find a solution in the docs or web…

Please help !!!


Check your cgi.cfg file and make sure the following is set:


I work in a place with many departments. Each person who I’ve added with the "htpasswd /usr/local/nagios/etc/htpasswd.users " command, can access the website. But they can’t view anything unless they are in the contacts.cfg file, have been added to a contactgroup.cfg entry, and that contactgroup is added to a host/service. If all of that is good, then they will see ONLY those host’s/services that they have been defined to see.