JBOSS Plugin


my installation doesn’t have a /usr/lib/nagios/plugins directory. Where is the plugins directory? How can i tell what plugins are installed?

Suse 10.2 and the latest and greatest nagios

I’m sure this is an easy question but I’m new to nagios…Thx

JBoss Nagios Plugin

The JBoss Nagios Plugin is a simple bash script that uses Twiddle to read targeted numerical JMX attributes such as connections in use, thread counts or JVM heap sizes.


* Copy the attached script to your Nagios plugin directory. (RPM installs put it here: /usr/lib/nagios/plugins)
* Issue a chmod 755 check_jbossjmx to make the file executable.
* Add the following entry into the nagios

‘check_jbossjmx’ command definition

define command{
command_name check_jbossjmx
command_line /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_jbossjmx $HOSTADDRESS$ $ARG1$ $ARG2$ $ARG3$ $ARG4$ $ARG5$

* Now implement a service check for a server. (Note that this implementation assumes JNDI listening on port 1099). Example:

define service{
use generic-service ; Name of service template to use
service_description CHECK_ORACLE_POOL_SIZE
is_volatile 0
check_period 24x7
max_check_attempts 3
normal_check_interval 5
retry_check_interval 1
passive_checks_enabled 0
contact_groups OpsGroup
notification_interval 120
notification_period 24x7
notification_options c,r,w
check_command check_jbossjmx!3!“jboss.jca:name=ORACLEDSN,service=ManagedConnectionPool”!InUseConnectionCount!20!50