KVM Device pass-through and shared interrupts


Hello everyone,
I would like to assign a pci tv-card to a virtual machine. Unfortunately it shares its IRQ with two other devices (an UHCI USB controller and the P-ATA controller. Furthermore it is behind one pci bridge together with an onboard firewire controller which shares its interrupt with another USB controller.

I hava unbound all of these devices and loaded the stub driver.

The command line is:
kvm -hda /var/vm/vm.img -net none -pcidevice host=03:00.0 -pcidevice host=00:1a.0 -pcidevice host=03:03.0 -pcidevice host=01:00.0 -pcidevice host=00:1d.1 -serial stdio -nographic

and it fails with
Failed to assign irq for “00:1a.0”: Input/output error
Perhaps you are assigning a device that shares an IRQ with another device?
Failed to deassign device “00:1a.0” : Invalid argument
Failed to initialize assigned device host=00:1a.0

depending on the order of the -pcidevice options
My system:
Debian Sid
Linux 2.6.30-1-amd64
KVM 85+dfsg-4

The question is: is it possible at all to assign devices under these conditions?

Thanks for your help,