KVM hypervisor - hardware issues? - Of topic



We are facing big problems with our esxi 5 and HP DL585 G7 environment. Several of our HP servers reboots/hangs randomly without leaving any trace in any logs. HP hardware diag shows no errors in hardware and vmware support are clueless.

My finding when searching for a reason is that there seems to be a lot strange reboot issues for ESX and various servers vendors. A quick google on “esxi random reboot” gives me a long list of both HP and Dell customers facing similar issues.

So we continue to dig and there seems to be a lot of issues with drivers and firmware version back and forth between vmware and server vendors… A real mess…

Trying to narrow down the suspects I wonder if KVM users have the same issues with hypervisors randomly rebooting/hang when running HP DL servers (or dell)? If large high performance KVM environments runs without problems on those servers without reboot problems then we can have a serious talk with vmware about these issues, otherwise we are trapped between vendors point fingers.

We have six HP DL858 G7 servers which all randomly reboot/hang now and then.