KVM Networking - VM as gateway



I am new to the forum and KVM. In the past week or so I have learned quite a lot but I am stuck on one thing. I am trying to set up multiple VM’s as servers along with a single VM for a software firewall.

The issue I am coming across is that there doesn’t seem to be much documentation for QEMU/KVM in reference to one VM getting an IP from another VM under the same host.

Also, there are two NIC’s on the host. One is external to my ISP the other is internal for other systems.

I know how to bridge my hosts’ adapter to get my VMs on my local network, but this is slightly different. Virtualbox does this with ease, and I am sure there is a way to do it in KVM… just can’t seem to figure it out.

BTW, my host is an Ubuntu 12.04 Server and I am using virt-install/virsh to manage VM’s. I also currently have bridge-utils installed.

Many Thanks,