KVM Remote VNC Access for installing Guest!



this week i started with KVM Virtualisation. My Goal is to migrate our VMs from Xen to KVM but yet iam far away from that.

I get stucked with some elementary… i successfully started a domain with virt-install, i used this command

virt-install --accelerate --hvm --connect qemu:///system \
	--network network:default \
	--name fed12 --ram=756\
	--file=/opt/kvm/fedora12.img \
	--file-size=6 --vnc --cdrom=/dev/sr0

it says “successfully started… u can reconnect via console to blah blah”

but i was not able to get video access to the machine. however, iam running kvm on an redhat 5.4 server, with no x. i red, that kvm starts an vnc server on port 5900 (or higher) when starting a vm. this seems right but when i look with ‘netstat -aln’ it shows me, that port 5900 is only listening on lo (

i tried to access from my workstation (via vncviewer or telnet) to the server, but as expected it does not respond.

i was not able to find an setting to map the vnc server to eth0 or similar.

maybe i misunterstood something, i would appreciate any help. :slight_smile: