Mac network capture

Hi, new guy here. I am fairly new to Wireshark and learning as I go so not looking to be spoonfed :slight_smile:

I look after a network of Mac workstations (seven of) connected via a Gigabit Ethernet hub to a Mac server which hosts all content the users work on.

Frequently the users have reported a slow down of the workstations (usually one then all workstations) then users saying they cannot work. Initially I get all workstations to power down and back on simultaneously restarting the Mac server. This after a while has not really resolved the issue So…

I installed Wireshark (v v2.2.4-0) on a laptop on with a static address and set a capture running for a week using the /24 subnet.

I now have a huge capture file but not absolutely sure where to start analysing the capture to see if the network is the contributing cause of the problem.

Any pointers would be really helpful.

There are some excellent you tube videos on setting up a display filter, which is what you would want to use.