Mail from nagios in spanish


it’s can modifi the mail sand for nagios?? … ex:

this mail

***** Nagios *****

Notification Type: PROBLEM
Host: cisco
State: DOWN
Info: CRITICAL - Time to live exceeded (

Date/Time: Tue Jan 22 04:07:41 CLST 2008

in spanish and include more information about how proced (fone number, web links, etc)???

pd: sorry mi english.


Edit commands.cfg file in /etc/nagios/
There you will find several commands that write mails in this format, for host notification, service notification, epager (sms) notification. You can change the way mail is formatted and written. You can add whatever you want there (phone numbers, links…)


thank … and the variables where can to modify??

example: $LONGDATETIME I want change format

#4 … rfdatafile

here is the list of all macro options in Nagios. You can find them here and type whichever is allowed (green colored) in the configuration file.