Mail notifications when $OUTOUT$ changes


Hi all… this is my first post here… :o

Is it possible to configure Nagios to send mail notifications only when the content of $OUTPUT$ changes?

For example I’d like to define a service in my Nagios server and monitor the status in each node of a beowulf-like cluster.

So in the master node of the cluster I run a Nagios plugin that checks the status of the service in each node and produces a single report for all the nodes. Then it sends the report to the Nagios server (with send_nsca). The report is included in the $OUTPUT$ value.

But I’d like to receive the mail notification also when the content of the report changes and not only when the value of the status changes… moreover I do not want to receive mails when both the status and the report is the same…

Is it possible to do that? any hints?



Welcome :slight_smile:

make an extra script on the master node which sends a WARNING or CRITICAL message based on the status changes (store the old message and check it against the new one)…

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