Make install-webconf failing -- where do i set the HTTPD_CON


I’m installing nagios-3.0rc3 on Fedora.

make install-webconf returns with the error

 `/etc/httpd/conf.d/nagios.conf': No such file or directory

due to fact that i’m using IBM Http Server (IHS), not apache, so two things:

a) there is no conf.d directory in my installation of IHS-- is this going to mess me up? Is there a handy workaround?
b) i need to change the directory pointed at by HTTPD_CONF to my IHS conf directory, but i’m not sure where/how. I’ve changed the HTTPD_CONF variable in the file to point to the appropriate conf directory (under IHS), but doesn’t seem to have any effect. I get the same error, which of course leads me to believe that i need to set this variable somewhere else…

If someone can tell me how to do this step manually – that is, bypass running this make install-webconf altogether – that’d be great!

I’m a relative linux newbie so i’m concievably missing something obvious. Thx for the help


let me refine this: What does install-webconf do? How can i do it manually?


NEVERMIND … figured it out…