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I am new to Nagios, however I’ve heard lots about it and how good it’s suppose to be.

I don’t have any strong Linux Skills as my background is Microsoft.

I am using the quick 15min config guide from the main home page.

I’m stuck on the following command which is located 5) Configure the web interface

make install-webconf

I get the following error **Make: *No rule to make target ‘install-webconf’. Stop

It appears this problem has existed for a long time as many people have seen this. I am unable to find a fix. Please can someone post a fix

My system
Ubuntu 8
Nagios 3




I too faced this problem while using nagios for the first time but not now. but i worked on CentOS and i think that my post may not help you.

In my case I came through this error while using that command in some other location other than nagios root directory.
You should execute this command in Nagios root directory (which is created after extracting the tar ball).
Please let me know whether your problem is solved or not?




I think your suggestion worked. Does this look ok?

root@crw-nagios01:~/downloads/nagios-3.0.2# pwd
root@crw-nagios01:~/downloads/nagios-3.0.2# make install-webconf
/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 sample-config/httpd.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/nagios.conf

*** Nagios/Apache conf file installed ***


Thanks you very much for your reply




Yes, This sounds good. Its perfect

All the best,