Map does not show logos


Hi all,

I have a nagios 3.0 running on CentOS 5.0.

I want to change the default images in map and replace them with custom logos.

I added the following line in cgi.cfg :

I created this hostextinfo.cfg file :
define hostextinfo {
host_name switch-ppal-RG #(same name as in switch.cfg)
icon_image switch.png
icom_image_alt A switch
vrml_image switch.png
statusmap_image switch.png

I put the switch.png image in /usr/local/nagios/share/images/logos/

But despite all this, what seems to be OK, map is still displaying

I would be grateful for any advice !



Are you sure that you’ve typed your file names correctly? Case-sesitiveness…
One more thing. Type
locate logos
in the shell and it will find all instances of logos on you disk. Then you can see if there is any other folder for logo images. In my case there are two of them:

(I’m using version 2 of Nagios as you can see, but anyway, it might help).
When I put files in
they don’t show up, but when i put them in
they’re displaying.

In your cgi.cfg file find and check


This is the path where the HTML files for Nagios reside. This

value is used to locate the logo images needed by the statusmap

and statuswrl CGIs.

**physical_html_path=/usr/share/nagios2/htdocs **

That should be the right path to your *images/logos *folder

Hope some of this helps.


Thanks for your suggestions…
Unfortunately, my problem is not coming from path or names. Everything seems OK.
This is really puzzling me !!

Not much support found… :frowning:


Have you put path to hostextinfo.cfg to your nagios.cfg file as you did for cgi.cfg?


Sorry for late answer, i was out and did not work on nagios since last post.

Yes, i added this line in both cgi.cfg and nagios.cfg


I have no clue on what’s going on here !!


Try with:
instead of:

I don’t really know where have you find that xedtemplate_config_file, and why did you put it in cgi.cfg? Anyway try with what I’ve suggested and if it doesn’t work, try removing that line from cgi.cfg and leaving it only in nagios.cfg.