Max number hosts and services?


I have a Distributed Monitoring. Two servers on freeebsd 6.2. They are working with NSCA addon, My central server have a 2021 hosts ( 590 passed hosts) and 2287 services ( 590 passed services ).
Please, tell me how many hosts and services Nagios may to check hosts and services.
My nagios is out every day and not working.
I restart nagios every day, but i have’n idea why my nagios is out.
Log-files on server and history alerts on nagios don’t tell me nothing. No information. Just last alert and start monitoring nagios. Nothing about critical or fatal errors about Nagios.



It may not help you, but I just wanted to let you know:
we had a server running nagios with 4000 services and around 1500 hosts.
nagios was working well (we had other problems such as very high latency, but that’s another story :)).

So no: the number of services might not be your problem ^^


Thanks Loose. It’s very important information. Now i know, that my nagios-databases is not big! =)