Max services in service group definition?


I am wondering if there are any limits to the number of services in a service group.
I am getting a Return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing when I add this service to a service group
here is the config in question
define service{
use WAP-svc-T ; template
hostgroup_name HW.Foundry.IP-200
servicegroups system.sysUpTime.IP200
service_description system.sysUpTime
normal_check_interval 60 ; when in normal state, check every n minutes

check_command mib-2-system-sysUpTime

    check_command               sysUpTime-test

define command{
command_name sysUpTime-test
command_line /opt/nagios/libexec/custom/ /opt/nagios/libexec/check_snmp -C $_HOSTCOMMUNITY_STRING$ -P 1 -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -o .

Now if I comment out the servicegroups line in the service definition the check works no problem but when I add the service group which is defined i get the Code 127.

Now I tried adding the to see if I could see why it if failing and it seems not to even execute the code.

I have 1,296 services in this group.
I have other service parents that have up to 4,000+ services and they execute just find but the child service groups are kinda small lets say less than 1000.

Has anyone else experenced this? I am running Nagios.3.0.6 and have the same issue on Nagios.3.2.0. In this config I have over 8000 host and 12,000 services.


error 127 is usually bound to a missing plugin, or wrong chmod settings. I suppose you checked those but it’s the first thing which comes to mind.
What is the system.sysUpTime.IP200 servicegroup definition?


Yes I have checked that the plugin exist and permissions are correct. And the service group definition was working until I added more more services…to the group… I am not sure of the exact number but now that there is over 1000 services in this def I get the 127 prior to that it was working… if I go back to the config with less devices it works when I put the new config on … only change would be more devices which means more services in this group it stops and returns the 127. It seems to me to be a limit to how many serives a group can have but I can find no documentation to support that theory.


I’d expect a different kind of errror anyway.
No other info from the logs or anything? what does the -v(erify config) option tell?


checkconfig passes…
now with 7250 host in a hostgroup… host checks pass… just add 500 more host and host check are failing.
is there a limit to how many host can be in a hostgroup?
is there a limit to how many services can be in a service group.
My commands work and there are no permission issues. its just adding more services and/or host things start failing.

What is the largest service group and/or host groups others have defined?