Maximum string length in nagios group definition


I have successfully configured a nagios server. But my network hosts are growing. is there a maximum string length in group definition for members?

thanks in advance.


on a ping check i have almost 700 chars of hosts… i think it wil break around 1024… :slight_smile:



how many members in a host groups you got? I got around hundreds but the name varies thus string length. I am now thinking to split the group, just to accomodate the growing members. This is
so tasking and not so monitoring wise. Do you have a better way?


oh by the way, my string count is 10496 chars in one line.




well if in fact it is needed, i’d split them alphabetically… having reached 10000 chars… i wouldn’t split it :smiley:


Wow, that is alot of people that are interested in visiting your nagios website. Are you sure that all those people actually have a need to do this? If so, your nagios server may be getting alot of people rescheduling your services, etc, when it’s not needed.


sorry those are host definitions membered to a certain group lets say routers have 1 group and switches have one too. =). but administration is only one.


Ahh, I get it. Yea, that should be easily fixed by breaking up the hosts in smaller groups that make some logical sense in your organization.

Gee, 700 hosts. I’m jealous now. We have 306 hosts/1228services and I thought that was alot.


lmao I already broken them to smaller groups. I will try to break them to even smaller ones. =) But I found the problems. My total hosts reach 4000 +. and also services =(. Thats why im having problems with tthe string length. lol. But i will try and try again until I fixed the problem. I have come up with a script to have a 2nd group (an extension of the first). but thanks to all those who gave their ideas. thanks thanks. =)