Modifying Nagios Map Popups



is it possible to modify what is displayed in the Nagios Map popups? I would like to make that popup show the content of the “notes” field of the server configuration.

Version: Nagios 3.2.3, running on a Debian 5.0 (hand installed, not apt).

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i suspect it requires a change in statusmap.cgi source code… keep a diff of the changes you do if you decide to. so you can reapply the patch each time you upgrade nagios :slight_smile:


I´ve already tried that, by adding

<td class=\“popupText\”>Notes:<td class=\“popupText\”>%s ",escape_string(hst->notes));
after the line
printf("<td class=\“popupText\”>Alias:<td class=\“popupText\”>%s ",escape_string(hst->alias));
inside statusmap.c, and then recompiling (make) and installing (make install) it.

Unfortunately, that caused the statusmap module to crash. I suspect that the ‘notes’ information is not copied in the ‘hst’ array. I tried to backtrack where that array came from, but gave up after reaching some files in the ‘include’ folder (have other priorities right now, other things to bring to work here).




ouch can’t help then… should you find out would be nice if you could post it anyway :slight_smile: