Monitor performance of plugins / duration and latency?



I just upgraded to Nagios 3 and really love it. I’m also planning a large Nagios project for the future, and decided to play around a little with performance graphing on my test setup. I know there are a lot of add-ons, but I have one specific interest: I’d like to graph (and perhaps create a daily/weekly text report) average and outliar (maximum) plugin latency and duration, and specifically list all plugins that have significantly large latency and duration, say, twice the average or more.

I didn’t see anything in NagiosExchange to do that, and being that I don’t have MySQL doing any performance data retention, I’m not quite sure where to go… I’d rather not have to parse out the perf data myself…

Any suggestions?




maybe have a loot at nagiosgraph:
it might answer what you need in terms of graph, average and max…
as for the rest…I don’t know :slight_smile: