Monitor specific services (CPU load & status)



I want to monitor specific services (for example application’s service), and I wanted to know if the following can be done using Nagios (if the answer is yes, than how).

  1. Get notifications if there’s CPU load above level given (this is related to a specific service and not to the general cpu load)
    For example I found how to do this for the cpu load (not for a specific service):

Add the following service definition to monitor the CPU utilization on the Windows server and generate a CRITICAL alert if the 5-minute CPU load is 90% or more or a WARNING alert if the 5-minute load is 80% or greater.
define service{
use generic-service
host_name winserver
service_description CPU Load
check_command check_nt!CPULOAD!-l 5,80,90

2.Get notifications if a service is not in started mode.