Monitoring BEA WLS via SNMP - service is flapping


Hi there, I’m trying to monitor certain values in BEA WLS via SNMP. First step works - I get the value in Nagios. But soon I’ve noticed that something definitely isn’t OK, because Nagios claims, the service is flapping. But it’s fine, it reads more or less the same value from the Weblogic Server. And - what’s more - I didn’t set ranges for warning and critical status. So … how could Nagios know what’s critical?
My config for reding a value from WLS looks like this:

define service{
use generic-service ; Inherit values from a template
host_name krap
service_description The current amount of free memory in the JVM heap in bytes.
check_command check_snmp!-C public@telekom1 -o SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.140.625.340. -r 1 -p 1161

What am I missing? :slight_smile:


you may try to set:
flap_detection_enabled 0
in your service or template definition.

Thanks to this, Nagios won’t tell you the service is flapping…
but it’s just a way to hide an eventual problem :slight_smile:


I’ll wait for critical status again and paste the actual output, but as far as I remember, it looks like this:
"SNMP OK - 432267616 " (when it’s ok)
and “SNMP CRITICAL - 432267616” (when it thinks it’s critical).
The actual number changes, of course, because it’s the amount of free memory in JVM heap. But the value is somewhere at 400 megs in both cases.



Well … here is it:
“Status Information: SNMP CRITICAL - 460475056

Can anyone explain what’s the point here? Clearly nagios gets a value from WLS’ snmp …


…-r 1… ? :shock:

Haven’t seen that one before…

-r, --ereg=REGEX
Return OK state (for that OID) if extended regular expression REGEX matches

So is that saying “return OK if the reply has a 1 in it”? That’s how I read it, but as I say, never user -r before so I could be barking up the wrong wossname… :cry:




Hmm … it seems I copy-pasted one bit too much :o