Monitoring browsing perfprmance with httping


I’m trying to monitor browsing performance through proxies. httping is like ping but for http-requests.
check command example could be something like ::

[blockquote]# httping -h -x -c 1 -t 2[/blockquote]
where the variables are ::

  1. is the ip address of the proxy, corresponding to $$HOSTADDRESS$$
  2. 8080 is the port number that the squid proxy is running on, this could be corresponding to $ARG1$
    Command should return some value in milliseconds, corresponding to how fast browsing is through that proxy.

Could anyone please tell me how to put this in a way nagios understands. Its something close to what i did below, but i cant quiet figure it out yet.
the mistake is somewhere with the colon ( : ), i think.

from the file /etc/nagios/checkcommands.cfg

define command{
command_name check_httping
command_line /usr/bin/httping -x $HOSTADDRESS$:$ARG1$ -c 1 -h

Many thanks


Ok, fixed, i had something wrong in the services.cfg file.
now i get ::

[blockquote] Current Status: OK
Status Information: PING[/blockquote]
but i want something i can make a graph out of, so i can see when there is bad performance. something like this ::
[blockquote] PING OK - Packet loss = 0%, RTA = 18.33 ms [/blockquote]

Maybe i have to write my own plugin, does someone have a bash script that does check_ping, or something similar, something i can modify todo what i want ?


I use check_http and it returns
HTTP OK HTTP/1.1 200 OK - 0.029 second response time
What’s wrong with using that?


first i thought check_http was to check webservers … the help message said nothing about proxy. my aim was to check browsing performance through proxy servers.

i used the following, seems to be working, i still need to use it correctly with NagiosGrapher

[blockquote]define command{
command_name check_httping
command_line /usr/bin/httping -x $HOSTADDRESS$:8080 -c 1 -h