Monitoring Laptops and The Kid's computer


I’m setting up Nagios to monitor everything that I normally get 50 e-mails for.

I have two laptops and one kids computer that I want to monitor load and disk space. But if the computer is turn off I don’t care about it. Is there a way to have it report is something other than “down” or critical?



there might be far better solutions, but I’d write a small script that would be called before the check.

–begin script
do a ping to the computer
if ping OK
=> do the test (that is passed as arguments)
if ping KO
exit 0

as I said, there might be some tweaks you could do with nagios itself, but as far as I know, it’s often tricky and hard to remember what and why you did :slight_smile:


Actually I think I have a solution. I’m going to have the computers in question do their own checks and write them to a file on a webpage. Then they will just update the webpage on a regular basis. Then have nagios read that web page.

That way if the computer goes down the reported stats are that of when it was last up. (which is what I want)