Monitoring multiple instances



I have to monitor 3 instances of oracle. They are called Oracle1, Oracle2 and Oracle3. Oracle is running on Windoze.

How should I go about doing this? I normally would have used the script to bring back if the exe is running or not, but in this case I cant use that because oracle is running 3 seperate times.




You’re talking about three instances of Oracle on the same server, right?

There is a program called tasklist.exe which can output the processes running on Windows computer. You can extract those you need (Oracle ones) to some file, then count the lines and check in a script if there are three of them.

I’ve tested tasklist, and when it outputs to a file it adds two aditional lines. So lines=output_lines-2


Yes, I am sorry if that wasnt clear enough, the 3 oracle instances are on the same server running windows 2003.

I dont think that solution will fly here. I have a lot of restrictions on how I monitor the servers as they are processing credit card transactions.



This is becoming an issue for me. In addition to oracle, I also have to monitor 2 different instances of javaw.exe that are running on the box as well.

anyone else have any ideas?




There are a number of ways you could do this, but you need to know at least the basics of perl or another scripting language that you’re allowed to run on the windows boxes.

Modify to search for those processes and error if it can’t find them. If that perl script is already running, then there aren’t any restrictions on whether it’s able to do that or not.

If you’re more comfortable with bash, see if you can make/modify a perl script on your windows box that grabs the process list and relays it back to nagios, then do bash stuff from there eg:
if “cat /tmp/proclist|grep oracle.exe|wc -l” -eq “3” ]
echo "oh no!"
exit 2


My limitations are that I cannot run anything on the windows machines other than the M$ft SNMP Software and the Dell OMSA. Nothing else can be installed. All queries have to be via snmp. No clients can be installed.

Of course I keep hearing that there must be a way, we cant be the only ones. But guess what? when you put those limitations on the system, there isnt much more I can do if SNMP cant bring back the owner of a process, what can I do?

Very frustrating.


Have you tried this: … /1431.html
See this also, maybe it helps: … _with_SNMP