Monitoring primary and seconday ISP's



I have a scenario where we have two ISP’s which we use for all network traffic. The primary is a T1 and the secondary is DSL. There are times when the primary gets overloaded and the secondary kicks in. People then notice slower browse times and uploads and dowloads. Only after some complaints do we realize the secondary is handling traffic. Is there a way to monitor when the secondary is handling if there is an issue with the primary? I was thinking a traceroute type of check but i dont know how that would be configured, im not a networking guru. I am already monitoring the up/down of the device.



ask somebody who setup the network what to monitor… hsrp status? snmp should be useful.


This is the friendly response of a genius who doesn’t know what to look for and pretends that others solve his problems.

If you don’t know what you have to monitor it’s not my fault, it’s just that you are not qualified todo the job you are pretnding to do. :wink:

Have fun solving your problem by yourself.


BTW: It took you REALLY 10 days to write THAT?!?!? :mrgreen: