Monitoring remote Windows machine using SSH


Hi guys,

I’m new to Nagios and just got it working today and tested it by monitoring Windows machine within my local network. However, I would like to get Nagios to work with my current network infrastructure.

Currently, my company have a few servers at client sites. These servers sits on private network segments with private network address and they do not have access to the Internet. The purpose of these servers is to collect data and send back to our data server. The remote server sends back data using VPN tunnel on a non-standard port (e.g. 28000) and the communication is only one way whereby our data server only listens to remote server for incoming data.

Fortunately, some (not all) remote servers have remote access functionality whereby we can use SSH and UltraVNC to perform remote desktop troubleshooting.

Now, how can we integrate Nagios monitoring to monitor our remote servers?

I’ve tried Cacti + WMI Script over SSH to monitor servers with remote access but apparently they didn’t work because WMI RPC does not work under SSH.

If anyone have any other suggestions I’m all ears for it too.

Thanks in advance and appreciate your feedback. :slight_smile: