Monitoring windows clients


Hi all-

I have been using nagios for some time now, but the problem is, I didn’t originally install it. Someone else did and now he’s gone. So I was upgrading my nagios server, and re-installing nagios (using all of hte old .cfg files, of course!) and it led me to start wondering about my windows clients. Currently we are monitoring windows clients, I believe using NSClient, which is NetSaint Client? Anyway, I went out to NetSaint to see if there was an upgraded client, and they are now pointing to the Nagios site. I do not, however, find the NS Client on the Nagios site.

So I guess my question is this…is anyone out there monitoring their windows clients with nagios, and if so, what are you using on the windows boxes??



I’m using nsclient. Works pretty well. It looks like the people who supplied it are now defunkt as is now broken. I’ve attached the relevant install binaries and a short doc on how to install it. Let me know if you need any help

Other than that, have a look at for other options for monitoring windows clients e.g. NT_NRPE.





just a note: i’m using nsclient on a win 2003 server without problems :wink: