Monitoring Windows Logfiles


I am happily running Nagios on a Linux server, and monitoring several hundred assorted servers and network devices. I am monitoring one particular Windows server which is running the NSClient++ software, and in addition to those checks, I need to be able to check for a specific phrase in any log file in a particular directory on that Windows server (the phrase is ‘Contact deleted’). There appear to be a lot of ‘check_log’ utilities that I could run IF I wanted to monitor the logs on a Linux server, but I can’t find a utility that I can run on a Windows server that’ll read through the logs and report back to Nagios if it finds the desired phrase. Can you point me in the right direction here?
Thanks Jon


Hi Jon
you can use check_logfiles for this.
check_logfiles --logfile <C:\path\your logfile here> --criticalpattern "Contact deleted"
exits with critical, if the pattern you look for appeared in the logfile since the last run.
A compiled version check_logfiles.exe is available.