Monitoring X25 Link With Nagios


I have two x25 links, eache one on a Windows 2000 Server. I need to Monitor these links. I was planing in using Nagios.
I use Eicon Card to connect on X25.
Anyone could tell me how to do that? I know that I will need to setup a linux box for Nagios.
But I need to know if it is possible to setup alerts for my X25 link.

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uh… can you ping through it? if not just check via snmp the status of the link on the router they connect to :slight_smile:


Luca, I didnt understand you. I found out that the new driver for my Eicon X.25 card can talk SNMP windows Windows 2000 SNMP Service. But, how to setup this? And how to know how is the structure of Eicon MIB?

if tha nagios server is on one side of both links and you have servers on the other side, pinging those servers tells you the link is up. But that’s not enough because you wouldn’t know if the link is down or if the server is turned off. so you need to check some snmp service on the machine (possibly using check_nt) ping the machine (checking if it’s on but possibly not responsing but you would know the link is still up) check the status of the port on the router which the link connects to (via SNMP most routers can this) and ping the router itself to see if it’s on. this way you would have almost all possible failures at a glance.
I avoided talking about the network part before the router… :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to use the windows SNMP via nagios, sorry.


EDIT: The routers MIB structure should be better documented than the X25 cards one… any way if you need you probably can just make an snmpwalk of the MIBs and search the info you need… (had to this for SUN hardware MIBs. that wasn’t fun… :evil:

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