Montor D-LINK DGS-1024D


I am wondering if there is a way to monitor the DGS-1024D which is a business grade d-link switch.

I have no current way of knowing if any of these have IP addresses on the switch or if there is away to monitor the switches.
We also have a master switch which is in our server room, which is a HP J4906A#ABA 48-Port Ethernet Switch

I am wondering if anyone else has, monitored a switch and how they have done it, even a cfg file would be good to view to see what I am to do.



I guess the first question you need to answer is “does the switch support snmp?” Is there intelligence built into the switch - i.e. an internal management agent that allows you to monitor/manage the switch?

If the answer to those questions is ‘no’ then sorry, looks like you’re out of luck.