[moved] My profile has no STARS any longer. :(


I guess my time in this forum has gone full circle. I’m now at the bottom of the rung and have no stars under my name. Such is life. The older I get, the less respect I get.


HAHA! Now I AM the (l)user with the most stars… :smiley:

Come on Jakkedup, we all know you have a lap of advantage… but i think you will remain at zero… at the first posts you should have at least one star…

It’s like ladies… when they get old they hide their age…
so are gurus… the more they know the less they talk :smiley:

Ciao, Luca


So you are saying no stars is a good thing now? Gees, this is freeking me out, because it reflects REAL LIFE so closely. The propaganda war machine is just out of control when nothing is better than something.
ARggghhhh!!! I can’t take it much longer!!!
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Happy now? :wink:


Just in case anyone wonders how the points are calculated:

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